Extra Dwarf Bak Choi

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Extra Dwarf Pak Choi
Brassica rapa (Chinensis group)
This specialty pak choi variety is smaller than baby pak choi. It is similar to our Chinese Pak Choi and Dwarf Pak Choi varieties although smaller and more compact. This fast growing variety has curled, glossy, dark green leaves with short, thick white petioles. Can be grown year round in sub-tropical areas.

Heirloom Extra Dwarf Bok Choy Pac Choi Seed
pak-choi-1Extra Dwarf Bok Choy Pak Choi Seed.  This heirloom Bok Choy is just as the name implies, very small.  This variety is usually harvested at about 2″ tall.  The wrinkled dark green leaves of Heirloom Extra Dwarf Bok Choy contrast with the white stems to make it a beautiful plant.  This plant is easy to grow from seed and can even been container grown inside without a huge amount of light.  Heirloom Extra Dwarf Bok Choy is just a miniature version…

Bok Choy Pak Choi Seed.  This Heirloom Bok Choy also called Pak Choi is one of our favorite vegetables.  This very versatile vegetable can be used fresh in salads, steamed, stir fried, any way you like, it will taste great.  We often mix this and Chinese Michihili Cabbabe together as the base for eggroll filling.  Heirloom Bok Choy Pak Choi produces a cluster of wide stalks similar to chard in shape.  The plant sometimes grows up to 12 stalks per cluster.